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A Little Resistance

Posted by on Sep 21, 2012 in Resistance | 0 comments

A Little Resistance

Today I was visiting a friend who owns a small, but soon to be very big, catering business!  SN:  Shout out to FBG catering!!


We were talking about his plans to grow his business and how I thought I could help when I reached into my bag to grab my laptop.  Nothing unusual so far right?!

Except, that when I reached into the bag to pull the laptop out, one of the sides got caught and so I experienced some resistance getting it out of the bag.  Instinctively, because we were in the middle of a conversation, I let the computer go.  Like…literally, because I felt the resistance, I literally let the computer go.  In my mind, subconsciously, I was triggered to focus on something else in just that milisecond simply because I encountered, “a little resistance.”

Okay so…now what?  What’s the revelation here?!

I needed the damn computer for what I WANTED to show my friend.  Did you catch that, I needed the computer out of the bag because of something I WANTED to accomplish.  But because I encountered “a little resistance,” I put it down.  DANG!!

How many times in your (our) life (lives) have we gone to get something that we needed, especially to accomplish something that we wanted, and put down that thing we needed because we encountered some “resistance?!”  I mean….in this example, yes, it’s just a laptop.  But I was awe struck at the implication.  BIG OR SMALL, we have all backed off of something because of resistance.  And that backing off has cost us something, right?


In this instance with my friend, it cost me time and a lengthier conversation.  Because we spent more time than we had to on that, we missed an opportunity to talk about other things and possibly get more accomplished in our time spent together.

Long story short, we hit a detour!

Won’t life be grand when we get to a place where are conscious of our ability to fight thru those instances of “resistance.”  When we can recognize them for what they are and simply address the issue.

My end result here was that I realized a couple seconds later how that little resistance stopped me from picking up the laptop which we needed to finish our discussion.  So I simply picked it up again, but moved the bag around so I could get the laptop out.  A simple feat I know…but in more meaningful situations, how many times have I, or you, simply “left the laptop in the bag” and not completed our “conversations” (or met a goal)???  AND, now that we’re aware of the affect of “a little resistance,” how much more diligent will we be in making sure that we break thru the resistance the first time through?

Think about it ~ nK

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