Creating Blueprints That Turn Your Dreams Into Dollars

About NCI

Nicole’s Courage, Inc. (NCI) was born out of the need for courage in the world today! Courage to face our fears … Courage to face our doubts … courage to face our insecurities and, most of all, the Courage to conquer them all in spite of ourselves and create our future!

“The best way to predict your future is to create it!” ~ Abraham Lincoln

With that in mind, Nicole Knox set out to create her own future! …Fully understanding that her ability to create her future relies heavily on her ability to help others create theirs.

NCI has become a platform of encouragement and development for the masses.  Whether it’s the profit driven arm of the brand (NCI Consulting) or the people driven arm of the brand, Project Elevate, Nicole’s Courage is meeting it’s purpose and vision of impacting the lives of many one person at a time!

Nicole’s personal mission statement is: “To leave a thumb print of love, excellence and growth everywhere that I tread!”

You can read more about Nicole’s professional background and qualifications here