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Bare It All

Posted by on Oct 1, 2012 in Being Yourself | 0 comments

Bare It All

Realness is a quality that is needed in much higher supply…more now than ever.

Being real with ourselves first and foremost….but then being real with others.  However, if you are not willing to be real with yourself about who you are, what you are doing and what you are NOT doing, you will find yourself running in the same circles.

It is the literal equivalent to driving around the same block 10 times a day and hitting the EXACT same pothole each time.  You cannot anticipate the pothole because you’ve purposely put blinders on.

I submit to you that there is freedom is nakedness with yourself.  There is freedom in telling yourself off… go ahead, look in the mirror and tell yourself off.  Act as if you are somebody who really pissed you off and you could say just what you were thinking to this person…because, in reality, that’s what’s happening.

Say it!!  Be honest!!  In fact, be brutally honest with yourself about who you are, who you are not and who you want to be.  If who you are and who you want to be are too far apart, and you’ve got some really harsh things to say to yourself, then you need to address some things….WITH ACTION!

And I’ll tell you what, once you’ve done it, let it go….get it out, shake it off and shine!! There is NO CONDEMNATION that should come from you to yourself after that conversation.  NONE!!  As long as you’re committed to addressing the issue that is.  It’s harder on you to break a promise to yourself than it is to break one to someone else.

I know from experience, that chances are that you had so much condemnation for yourself before that mirror talk, that it was probably your poor and condemning self-talk that stagnated you in the first place.

Yell, scream, cuss, cry….do whatever you have to do to free yourself from the less than your best you!!  And then, FIX IT!!

BUT….this healing process can only begin when you agree to be naked.  Be naked with yourself….free yourself from Other People’s Opinions so that you can be naked with them too….and then, with purpose in your heart, move forward and build.  Do the actions that are in line with the person that you were created to be!!

Think about it ~ nK

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