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Can I Get Up Now?!

Posted by on Oct 23, 2012 in Motivation | 0 comments

Can I Get Up Now?!

The title of this post is directly inspired by a Kirk Franklin song featuring Toby Mac.

It’s a Christian song with a message that we should rely on God through EVERY season of our lives.  In it, the artists are recounting how beat up they feel by life and their then current circumstances each ending their verses with the question to God…”Can I Get Up Now?!”  (sometimes even yelling it)

This song has been out for a few years now and I remember one time coming home and listening to it and yelling with Toby Mac…..”Can I Get Up Now?!”  It was a serious question for me….”like…seriously Lord, I think I’ve had enough…learned my lesson…been through enough! Can it just turn around for me?…..CAN I GET UP NOW?!?!?!” were my thoughts in the moments.

My scream alone in the car was guttural….it had come from a place of deep weariness.  I was living in a world where I was a good person.  I was intentionally sweet and overly nice to people.  I had a really good job.  I had an excellent education.  I had a nice family in a good neighborhood.  I had “done everything right,” if you will.  But still….life was kickin my ass!

It hurt…it sucked…it wasn’t fair!  I was tired….CAN I GET UP NOW?!?!?!

I wanted to “get up” to the fairy tale potential of life that I believed was available based on my upbringing.  If you just do this and this and this….then you’ll have that!

Yea? …. Well I’d done all of that and life was still hard and I didn’t understand.  I think this is the same point where many people begin to give up on their ‘dreams.’  If you have done everything that you know to do, AND you’re subconsciously living in a world of false expectations, you’re doomed for a painful letdown.  Unfortunately, for some, it is also spirit killing…. CAN I GET UP NOW?!?!?!


Know why….because YOU decide WHEN YOU get up!

So many of us leave our lives to chance! We leave the outcome of our lives to the off chance that circumstances will align up perfectly for us at some point in time which will allow us to plant OUR proverbial flags on the “success” mountain of life.

You can get up now because we don’t live in a world where we have to ask for permission to live the life that we want!  We don’t have to ask God, or anyone else for permission to make our lives the best.  He already took care of that thru Jesus.  Every external hindrance we would encounter has been removed.   It’s the internal barriers of our minds that we should be yelling to!

You don’t have to get up now because you were never down….you just have not walked (achieved some level of success)!!  And, if you can relate to the recurring question of this post at all and you have “walked,” maybe you haven’t walked in all the greatness that is inside of you.

Either way….the only thing required of you to guarantee your opportunity to plant your “flag” on “success” mountain is sacrifice!

Most of us never GET UP because we don’t want to GIVE UP the false reality of our present comforts!

That was true for me at the time that I was yelling in the car alongside Toby Mac! I didn’t want to face the truth of life….that I didn’t need permission to get up I need to own personal responsibility for getting up!


Now…there is definitely a time to be still and listen for direction, but that’s AFTER you’ve done all you can!

Think about it


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