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No Regrets

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No Regrets

Why run the race, just to come in 2nd place?! ~ Adam Jackson

Why are you here?!

Did you come to win or did you come to quit?

Did you come to get punked or did you come to dominate?

What’s your purpose in life?  Why did the creator (whatever you believe) decide to allow you to occupy this place in space and time?  And what are you doing with it?

Do you have control over your life or do you let other people, places or things dictate your day to day outcome?

Did you know that one of the top 5 regrets that people have right before they die is not living the life that they wanted to live?  They regret not looking that certain someone in the face and telling them just where they could go!  They regret not taking that risk in that venture which could have produced a radical amount of success or equal amount of pain!  They regret allowing the thought of failing at a “responsibility” dictate their life so much so that they were afraid to LIVE while they were ALIVE!!

You know these people….they’re usually the cantankerous person sitting around fussing at everyone for not being “this way” or “that way.”  What they’re really trying to do is force everyone else into the box that they made for themselves.  You can’t live your life a certain way because that’s not how they chose to live their lives.

In life, we go through many stages of development if we’re purposeful and cognizant about it.

Many years ago, I made the decision, once I realized that it really was my choice, to be the best!  PERIOD!! ……Anything less is just as foreign to me as Mandarin Chinese.

Being the best and living on purpose means you have to take risks!!  Some big and some small…but own it!  Own your choices and your ability to make them.

I remember when I first made the full on dive into entrepreneurship….I’m sure I was a funny site to my more experienced, but less formally educated, counter parts.  I remember thinking that my degrees and corporate experience should make the transition rather smooth.  NOT!!!!!!!!!  LOLOL!

In fact, that made it harder….I like to joke that changing my mind and how it worked was the literal equivalent of the reversal process of the rudders on the Titanic!!  They had been going in the same direction for so long and with such speed that when I was approaching my personal iceberg, I couldn’t switch gears fast enough to prevent my “boat” from crashing!!

YES…I’ve missed some things along the way!  Without a doubt….I have and still am risking, and sometimes going without, some of my creature comforts.  My children now understand what the word “budget” means! LOL!!

BUT….I bet you that when I’m on my death bed, I will not be one of those people looking back over my life thinking about what could have been.

Get courageous!  Take control!  Make a decision to own your life without the pain of regret!!  After all, no one is going to live or die in your place.

Think about it ~ nK

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