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Passenger vs. Pilot

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Passenger vs. Pilot

“In life you are either a passenger or a pilot. It’s your choice.” ~ Author Unknown

WOW!! What a powerful statement!

Did you realize that this was true for you?  Forgetting the functional senses of each of these words, when you think about the deeper meaning behind the quote, (or at least when I did), it really hit home.

You are either in control of your life and what happens in it every day…OR…you are just going along for the ride.  MAJOR DIFFERENCE!

A pilot, by one definition, is one who is qualified to guide or steer specialized vehicles into “specific” places.  Stop thinking about planes at the moment and think about your life!  WHO is piloting your life into the specified areas of your life? a.k.a. your goals and dreams.

Do you even remember your dreams?!  Do you still feel safe dreaming?!  Or are you like many people who start to dream but then don’t allow it to fuel your actions because fear will creep in that your dream will never come to pass.  I mean really, who’d want to waste all that time, energy and, maybe even, money pouring into something that won’t happen?!  It seems a reasonable question…to most people anyway, right?


For most people, the perceived safety of a reduced risk of loss is easier to deal with than the pain of letting go of a dream.  Because it feels “safer” and less painful to “not lose,” they’ll never have a real shot at winning!  They will have settled…as most people do.  icon sad Passenger vs. Pilot

Surely, if you are not actively at the helm, you are being piloted by someone or something else. Whether it is living up (or down) to the expectations of someone around you…or simply living each day being guided by your ability to meet your “responsibilities,” assess yourself!  If you are being guided by anything but a personal vision and purpose for yourself, AND, you are unhappy with that, it’s time to make some changes.

Waking up every single solitary day of your life and only doing things because you HAVE to do them is entrapment (for me it was misery)…and it’s the PASSENGER’S SPOT!  Imagine that…you’re in the passenger’s spot in your own life!  A life that NO ONE else can live or die for you.  AND….you don’t have another one in the bank!

It will be hard to change seats, but nothing really worth having in life is ever easy to get or maintain.

Think about it ~ nK

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