Creating Blueprints That Turn Your Dreams Into Dollars

Project Elevate

Project Elevate is the heartchild of Nicole Knox. It was created in response to the need to challenge the mindset of the masses around how they create income for themselves.ELEVATE-LOGO

Using a number of delivery platforms, Project Elevate will serve as a spring board for the thought process of the people! Because we are reaching for the masses, our Live Event platforms are priced to relieve the person who is truly hungry for change of the greatest obstacle they face to accessing the necessary knowledge….being able to afford it!!

You can expect workshops covering all topical areas related to both our ability and responsibility to ELEVATE OURSELVES!!

Workshop examples include: Entrepreneurship, Business Plan Writing, Sales Plan Creation, Vision Board, Health & Wellness and many more!!

All of our live events will be VERY reasonably priced and, in these events, you will find the kind of knowledge and training typically imparted in the best environments; however, the ONLY thing that we want to sell you on is how magnificent you are!

If you decide that you want to work personally with any of the presenters that we bring to you, that is great!! They will have options available to share more information with you at a later time.

Project Elevate events will be “agenda free” environments and while creating solid relationships will be encouraged, recruiting will be strictly prohibited.