Creating Blueprints That Turn Your Dreams Into Dollars


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Have you ever wanted something so badly that, in pursuit of that thing you lose yourself?

Sometimes, you have the benefit of realizing it right away….sometimes you’re fortunate enough to have people around you whom you love and respect to “pull your coat tail”…..and sometimes, you spin your wheels in that lost place until you realize the results that you’re producing aren’t really what they could be.  And, if you quiet yourself and your surroundings enough, you’ll probably realize that it was because you were operating in this “lost” zone.

The “Lost Zone” is not external….it’s an internal warring that takes place.  You are moving in a direction that, although may be producing fruit, there’s just something there that seems out of place.

I personally used to ignore this something and simply label it as a mental “distraction.”  Then, in pursuit of ignoring this “distraction,” I would go about the business of production….whatever it was that I needed to get done….”just get it done!” was my motto.  BUT…over time, I noticed that my production was not what it could or should have been for the amount of energy I was giving it.


Because I tricked myself into believing that I’d successfully ignored this something when, in reality, I was actually unstable in my convictions about what I was doing because this something was nagging me and  manifesting itself as doubt.  When you have doubt in yourself or in what you’re doing, you are easily swayed and pulled into many directions.

Believe you me, there were plenty of people looking to offer their “opinions” about what I should be doing or how I should be approaching something.  More often than not, these were more self serving interests than anything…even if unintentionally so.  UGH….and in my quest to “get it done” I ignored my instincts and therefore delayed my destiny!!


If you’ve got a little inkling about something….listen to it!  It’s God’s (the universe or whatever you believe in) way of telling you who you REALLY are….what you’re REALLY supposed to be doing…AND, if you listen quietly enough, you’ll even hear the “how!”

Follow it….because a forced reprogramming because of underproduction is an unnecessary pain!!

Think about it ~ nK

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