Creating Blueprints That Turn Your Dreams Into Dollars

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As I sit here it is dawning on me more and more how the seasons are shifting.

As we move along this journey in our lives, we will have various seasons.  There will be a time to plant, a time to cultivate and then a time to harvest.  Often times, seeding and cultivation are long and seemingly narrow periods.  Almost like walking down a hall that long and seems dark and sometimes lonely.

You have this incredible idea….you sow the seed!

You work to bring the idea to pass thru various activities.  You might invest in materials needed to advance the growth of your business…You might actually move to product creation…You will network and connect with other people and build relationships that will allow you to further your vision.  You will have the opportunity of new contracts and the disappointment when many of them fall thru.  But you will keep going….you are cultivating the seed!

Finally, based on your efforts your seeds and cultivation of that seed will have produced a crop.  Harvesting is all about the timing of when to pluck that crop (production) from the ground.  And notice, that you are still working in the harvest.  Your work comes in the pulling of the fruit from the ground! ….you have harvested the results of your earlier efforts!

However, the harvest has to be gathered! The seeds have been planted and properly cultivated into ripe produce…however, unless you go out into the field and pick them up, in the ground is where they will remain.  You now have to go TAKE IT!!

If we miss our season of harvest, we will not be able to enjoy the fruits of our earlier labor.  Soon…it will be time to sow the seeds again and repeat the process.  Have you ever wondered…”when will my sowing season be over?”

I would submit that maybe you missed the time to go and gather your Harvest.  There is another Harvest season here…please don’t skip enjoying the fruit simply because you don’t realize that you have to go pick up the produce to enjoy.

It’s #TIME.TO.TAKE.IT!!! ~ nK

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