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The Disappointment of Personal Expectations

Posted by on Oct 17, 2012 in Expectations | 0 comments

The Disappointment of Personal Expectations

I think it’s absolutely amazing how much we expect of each other as human beings.

I’m actually quite fascinated with myself when it comes to this.  I’m a very cerebral person and I’m constantly observing people, places and things and sort of “positioning” myself for things that I anticipate might happen.

But….you know what I’ve learned???….I think too much! LBVS!! …Especially about all this “positioning” stuff.  Thanks to an awesome woman that I recently got to spend a weekend with, I saw that this was really a “mask” (aka defense mechanism) that I used to keep people at bay.

We get to know a person in a marvelous area of their lives…it’s typical of introductions in positive settings.  However, with continued exposure to them, we most assuredly see them in a different and less fruitful area in their lives.  Often times, we lose site of the humanity of almost every person that we connect with….Benefit of the doubt, understanding and compassion fly out the window in exchange for our own mental safety net.

In the words of Mrs. Julie Holloway …  **le sigh**

There are many times when I find myself marveling at an incredible message that I’ve received from someone…then later find myself questioning the truth of the message once I learn something unflattering about the messenger.  So many flaws with this, but I’ll only highlight two for this message.  These are the two that I’m consciously training myself against at the present moment:

1.  Who the hell do I think I am?!  Everyone has flaws…everyone! It is not my place to stand in judgment of anyone.  When I think about it… It is very burdensome on me to sit around and think about someone else and where they can improve!  It is a constant reminder to myself of the areas that I need to improve in.  If I stay focused on myself, there’s no way I have time to think about other people.  #REALITY CHECK TO ME!  :D  … and yes, I “check” myself all the time! LOL!!  (Consider it, a necessity for balance).

2. Just because a person has a flaw in an area that they teach on, doesn’t mean that their teaching is irrelevant!  If you’re sitting in front of a person, and they give you insight and fruit and knowledge that help you go to the next level…even if they haven’t gotten their themselves, take it for what it is for you and move on!

The reality is that you can learn something from a tree if you wanted to…it really just depends on the openness and your ability to be receptive.  You want to look for lessons on things to duplicate and things not to duplicate.

Opportunities for growth are all around….even if from “imperfect messengers.”

Think about it

~ nK

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