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Where Is Your Wagon?

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Where Is Your Wagon?

“Hitch your wagon to a star.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

An old adage of encouragement for you to work at doing your very best.  Dream big….aim high….a shoot for the stars type of thing.  Or in other words, let the sky be your limit!!

WOW….it just hit me that I could go in a couple of relevant directions with this thought!

I could ask you to think about how your aim has been as far as the achievements you want in your life.  I could prompt you to think about how far out of your comfort zone you will have to reach to attain your goals.  In that line, I could tell you that literally, almost nothing that you REALLY want out of life is within arm’s length of you….and then say that if you realize your goals are close to you, or you have none, it’s time to re-evaluate some things.  While these are all valid thought points for you, and hopefully you’ve gotten some ‘food’ from this short blurb, I’m actually going to take the rest of this post in a different direction.

For this post, I want to challenge you to think about where, as in to whom, have you hitched your wagon? And why?

I’m reading an incredible book today that was written by someone I consider a mentor.  It’s called “Serving, Leading and Loving:  A Survival Guide For Kingdom Leaders” by Dr. Pam Ross.

This topic had already been in my spirit to share because I’m personally guilty of many failed attempts to hitch my “wagon” to someone else’s star.  However, and I just love confirmations, I read something in Dr. Ross’ book that immediately got me to finishing this post…we’ll get back to that later.

Back to hitching MY wagon in the wrong places or, said another way (and most of the people who know me personally are always shocked at the confession I’m about to make….but hey, this is a site about COURAGE right?!), I did not think I was good enough on my own to effectively carry the mantel and execute my God given dreams.  I had an issue of confidence!!

In order to compensate for this, I would try to “hitch MY wagon to someone else’s star.”  icon sad Where Is Your Wagon?   -_-  …. and whatever other frustrating emoticon image you or I could think of should also go here!  LBVVVS!!!

So here’s what my old “wagon attachments” would look like in layman’s terms….

There are many many incredible people on the earth….and I have had the opportunity to meet, interact and work with some of the best so far in my young years.  However, what would inevitably happen to me is that I would try to attach my dreams and visions to their ability to help me achieve them.  Hopefully that makes sense!

You see, I would meet somebody who was “on their way” or who was already “there,” if you will, and I would think to myself and say to them….”how can I offer my talents, gifts and abilities to you to help you further your vision?!”  An excellent and awesome question and offer, without a doubt.  Except, I was offering it from the wrong place in me!!

My underlying thought was that they were somehow better than me and because of that, it was just better if I not step out on my own and just settle for helping them.  And, of course, in my helping them I would learn and grow and receive favor and positioning, ect.  Which is actually how it goes….or as TD Jakes put it, “we should glean behind the reapers!”

BUT, for me, especially as someone who was meant to blaze a trail rather than find a path, it should only go this way when I properly value myself!  It should only happen this way when I understand that what I am building in that season, does not belong to me and that there will come a time for me to give it back.  Or, as Dr. Ross says in her book:  “When serving someone else’s vision, what you build is for them.  Turn over the keys.”

Keep at the forefront of your mind that where ever you are is only a stepping stone to your own vision and don’t be intimidated by that.  There’s another adage that says “there’s safety in numbers”…I would submit to you NOT to stay in these places just because it feels safe and you are not alone.  Many many many times I’ve gone the route that felt safe only to have that relationship violently shaken away.  I finally got, and kept, the lesson the last go round.  But man did it hurt…I am NOT destined to keep my wagon attached to anyone else’s star.  I was created to be a star!

You should make sure to understand that short term placement does not equal long term positioning….especially if you’re serving someone else’s vision but called to build your own!

The end result of my doing the right thing for the wrong reason was always some form of pain.  Relationships broken for one reason or another because I had wrongfully made them a crutch for me and my lack of confidence instead of a catalyst for me to execute my vision.

What does all this mean to you?!

It means that you should first assess who you are and what you believe about you.

Next, assess where you are…  Are you doing anything to work toward your vision? If so, are you working with the right people for the right reasons?  If you are, great just make sure to keep working, growing and developing.

If not, you already know…

Think about it ~ nK

ps  In the near future, you will be able to order a copy of Dr. Ross’ book, “Serving, Leading & Loving:  A Survival Guide For Kingdom Leaders” directly from us by visiting the “Shop With Us” tab and clicking on the “Books” menu.  I know that, whether you’re a kingdom leader or otherwise, the sound life principles and lessons shared in this book are both thought and action provoking.  Reading it will bring to your consciousness some of things that you can do to work toward a greater level of delivering excellence in everything that you do while walking in love!!

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